Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Word 2173: Trimix

a breathing mixture for deep-sea divers, composed of nitrogen, helium, and oxygen

Word 2172: Paresis

noun ( pl. -ses) Medicine
a condition of muscular weakness caused by nerve damage or disease; partial paralysis
• (also general paresis) inflammation of the brain in the later stages of syphilis, causing progressive dementia and paralysis

Word 2171: Endophora

noun Linguistics
the set of relationships among words having the same reference within a text, contributing to textual cohesion; anaphora and cataphora

Word 2170: Teleology

noun ( pl. -gies) Philosophy
the explanation of phenomena by the purpose they serve rather than by postulated causes
Theology the doctrine of design and purpose in the material world

Word 2169: Serrano

a small, red or yellow, very hot chili that is used fresh or dried in Mexican cooking

Word 2168: Dépaysé

removed from one's habitual surroundings

Word 2167: Scurf

flakes on the surface of the skin that form as fresh skin develops below, occurring esp. as dandruff
• a similar flaky deposit on any surface, esp. one on a plant resulting from a fungal infection

Word 2166: Conceptus

noun ( pl. -tuses) technical
the embryo in the uterus, esp. during the early stages of pregnancy

Word 2165: Offertory

1. Christian Church the container in which the consecrated bread of the Eucharist is kept
2. (in the UK) a box at the Royal Mint in which specimen gold and silver coins are deposited to be tested annually at the trial of the pyx

Word 2164: Amour fou

uncontrollable or obsessive passion

Word 2163: Maquiladora

a factory in Mexico run by a foreign company and exporting its products to the country of that company

Word 2162: Parti pris

noun ( pl. partis pris pronunc. same)
a preconceived view; a bias

Word 2161: Pingo

noun ( pl. -gos) Geology
a dome-shaped mound consisting of a layer of soil over a large core of ice, occurring in permafrost areas

Word 2160: Waspish

readily expressing anger or irritation

Word 2159: Cat's meow

noun informal
an excellent person or thing

Vancouver Home English Tutor/ Vancouver Home English Teacher

溫哥華英文家教 / 溫哥華英文老師

国立台湾大学英文老师-IELTS/ SAT/ GRE/ ESL

UBC 碩士畢業

培訊對象: VIP一對一授課或小班精品課程

培訊特色: 提供實力培養及考試課程, 使學員短期內迅速掌握該類考試的特點,聽說讀寫分項提高,全面掌握考試的技巧和方法。

基礎強化課程: 針對那些想參加雅思考試,但是英語基礎比較薄弱的學生, 全方面提高口語、聽力、閱讀、詞彙、寫作能力。
重點培訊課程: 針對英語能力良好的學生,但想強化發音語調及用字遣詞,期望英語能達到native speaker的水平而設計安排。

Word 2158: Naiad

noun ( pl. -ads or -ades)
1. (also Naiad) (in classical mythology) a water nymph said to inhabit a river, spring, or waterfall
2. the aquatic larva or nymph of a dragonfly, mayfly, or stonefly
3. a submerged aquatic plant with narrow leaves and minute flowers

Word 2157: Manometer

an instrument for measuring the pressure acting on a column of fluid, esp. one with a U-shaped tube of liquid in which a difference in the pressures acting in the two arms of the tube causes the liquid to reach different heights in the two arms

Word 2156: Stet

verb [ intrans.]
let it stand (used as an instruction on a printed proof to indicate that a correction or alteration should be ignored)
• [ trans.] write such an instruction against (something corrected or deleted)

Word 2155: Elenchus

noun ( pl. -chi) Logic
a logical refutation
• (also Socratic elenchus) the Socratic method of eliciting truth by question and answer, esp. as used to refute an argument

Word 2154: Tippet

a woman's long cape or scarf, typically of fur or similar material
• a similar ceremonial garment worn esp. by the clergy
historical a long, narrow strip of cloth forming part of or attached to a hood or sleeve

Monday, June 28, 2010

Word 2153: Siddha

noun Hinduism
one who has achieved spiritual realization and supernatural power

Word 2152: Mento

noun ( pl. -tos)
a style of Jamaican folk music based on a traditional dance rhythm in duple time

Word 2151: Triglyph

noun Architecture
a tablet in a Doric frieze with three vertical grooves

Friday, June 25, 2010

Word 2150: Panatela

a long thin cigar

Word 2149: Chantey

a song with alternating solo and chorus, of a kind originally sung by sailors while performing physical labor together

Word 2148: Lis pendens

noun Law
a pending legal action
• a formal notice of this

Word 2147: Pedicle

noun Anatomy & Zoology
a small stalklike structure connecting an organ or other part to the human or animal body
Medicine part of a graft, esp. a skin graft, left temporarily attached to its original site

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Word 2146: Shiplap

boards that have been fitted together in this way, typically used for cladding
• [ usu. as adj.] a joint between boards made by halving

Word 2145: Mooncalf

noun ( pl. -calves)
a foolish person

Word 2144: Analeptic

a restorative drug
• a drug that stimulates the central nervous system

Word 2143: Pranayama

(in Hindu yoga) the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises

Word 2142: Labrum

noun ( pl. labra) Zoology
a structure corresponding to a lip, esp. the upper border of the mouthparts of a crustacean or insect

Word 2141: Clypeus

noun ( pl. clypei) Entomology
a broad plate at the front of an insect's head

Word 2140: Qanat

(in the Middle East) a gently sloping underground channel or tunnel constructed to lead water from the interior of a hill to a village below

Word 2139: Elision

the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking (as in I'm, let's)
• an omission of a passage in a book, speech, or film
• the process of joining together or merging things, esp. abstract ideas

Word 2138: Blow-by-blow

adjective [ attrib.]
(of a description of an event) giving all the details in the order in which they occurred

Word 2138: Toddy

noun ( pl. -dies)
1. a drink made of alcoholic liquor with hot water, sugar, and sometimes spices
2. the sap of some kinds of palm, fermented to produce arrack

Word 2137: Meconium

noun Medicine
the dark green substance forming the first feces of a newborn infant

Word 2136: Mumpsimus

noun ( pl. -muses)
a traditional custom or notion adhered to although shown to be unreasonable
• a person who obstinately adheres to such a custom or notion

Word 2135: Alveolar

of or relating to an alveolus, in particular
Anatomy relating to or denoting the bony ridge that contains the sockets of the upper teeth.
Phonetics (of a consonant) pronounced with the tip of the tongue on or near this ridge (e.g., n, s, t)
Anatomy of or relating to an alveolus or the alveoli of the lung

Word 2134: Raffia

a palm tree native to tropical Africa and Madagascar, with a short trunk and leaves that may be up to 60 feet (18 m) long
• the fiber from these leaves, used for making items such as hats, baskets, and mats

Word 2133: Mal du siècle


Word 2132: Pudendum

noun ( pl. -denda) (often pudenda)
a person's external genitals, esp. a woman's

Word 2131: Hyperesthesia

noun Medicine
excessive physical sensitivity, esp. of the skin

Word 2130: Fumarole

an opening in or near a volcano, through which hot sulfurous gases emerge

Word 2129: Folie à deux

noun ( pl. folies à deux)
delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association

Word 2128: Nodus

noun ( pl. -di) rare
a problem, difficulty, or complication

Word 2127: Think piece

an article in a newspaper, magazine, or journal presenting personal opinions, analysis, or discussion, rather than bare facts

Word 2126: Serac

a pinnacle or ridge of ice on the surface of a glacier

Word 2125: Chuppah

noun ( pl. chuppot)
a canopy beneath which Jewish marriage ceremonies are performed

Word 2124: Bhangra

a type of popular music combining Punjabi folk traditions with Western pop music

Word 2123: Taw

verb [ trans.]
make (hide) into leather without the use of tannin, esp. by soaking it in a solution of alum and salt

Word 2122: Poniard

noun historical
a small, slim dagger

Friday, June 11, 2010

Word 2121: Gunsel

noun informal
a criminal carrying a gun

Word 2120: Vino da tavola

Italian wine of reasonable quality, suitable for drinking with a meal

Word 2119: Musique concrète

music constructed by mixing recorded sounds, first developed by experimental composers in the 1940s

Word 2118: Scimitar

a short sword with a curved blade that broadens toward the point, used originally in Eastern countries

Word 2117: Minger

noun Brit. informal
an unattractive or unpleasant person or thing

Word 2116: Panicle

noun Botany
a loose, branching cluster of flowers, as in oats

Word 2115: Bastinado

a form of punishment or torture that involves caning the soles of someone's feet

Word 2114: Scow

a wide-beamed sailing dinghy
• a flat-bottomed boat with sloping ends used as a lighter and in dredging and other harbor services

Word 2113: Nipper

1. informal a child, esp. a small boy
2. ( nippers) pliers, pincers, forceps, or a similar tool for gripping or cutting
3. an insect or other creature that nips or bites
• (usu. nippers) the grasping claw of a crab or lobster

Word 2112: Patootie

noun ( pl. -ties) informal
1. dated a girlfriend or a pretty girl
2. derogatory a person's or animal's buttocks

Word 2111: Raga

(in Indian music) a pattern of notes having characteristic intervals, rhythms, and embellishments, used as a basis for improvisation
• a piece using a particular raga

Word 2110: Mellophone

a brass instrument similar to the orchestral French horn, played mainly in military and concert bands

Word 2109: Snoot

1. informal a person's nose
2. informal a person who shows contempt for those considered to be of a lower social class
3. a tubular or conical attachment used to produce a narrow beam from a spotlight

Word 2108: Collective unconscious

(in Jungian psychology) the part of the unconscious mind that is derived from ancestral memory and experience and is common to all humankind, as distinct from the individual's unconscious

Word 2107: Gammon

verb [ trans.]
hoax or deceive (someone)

Word 2106: Cercus

noun ( pl. cerci) Zoology
a small appendage at the end of the abdomen of some insects and other arthropods, occurring in pairs

Word 2105: Tabes

noun Medicine

Word 2104: Mare's nest

1. a complex and difficult situation; a muddle
2. an illusory discovery

Word 2103: Stodgy

1. dull and uninspired
2. Brit. (of food) heavy, filling, and high in carbohydrates
• bulky or heavy in appearance

Word 2102: Kloof

noun S. African
a steep-sided, wooded ravine or valley

Word 2101: Frass

fine powdery refuse or fragile perforated wood produced by the activity of boring insects
• the excrement of insect larvae

Word 2100: Palynology

the study of pollen grains and other spores, esp. as found in archaeological or geological deposits

Word 2099: Soft money

a contribution to a political party that is not accounted as going to a particular candidate, thus avoiding various legal limitations

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Word 2098: Pitsaw

noun historical
a large saw with handles at each end, used in a vertical position by two persons, one standing above the timber to be cut, the other in a pit below it

Word 2097: Conventicle

noun historical
a secret or unlawful religious meeting, typically of people with nonconformist views

Word 2096: Metrorrhagia

abnormal bleeding from the uterus

Word 2095: Shicker

adjective (also shickered) [ predic.]

Word 2094: Baldachin

a ceremonial canopy of stone, metal, or fabric over an altar, throne, or doorway

Word 2093: Rickey

noun ( pl. -eys)
a drink consisting of liquor, typically gin, mixed with lime juice, carbonated water, and ice

Word 2092: Tallyho

a huntsman's cry to the hounds on sighting a fox

Word 2091: Mésalliance

a marriage with a person thought to be unsuitable or of a lower social position

Word 2090: Windigo

noun ( pl. -gos or -goes)
(in the folklore of some northern Algonquian peoples) a cannibalistic giant; a person who has been transformed into a monster by the consumption of human flesh

Word 2089: Hayseed

1. grass seed obtained from hay
2. informal a person from the country, esp. a simple, unsophisticated one

Word 2088: Psionic

relating to or denoting the practical use of psychic powers or paranormal phenomena

Word 2087: Kadi

noun ( pl. kadis)
(in Islamic countries) a judge

Word 2086: Scry

verb ( skries, skried) [ intrans.]
foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface

Word 2085: Holt

the den of an animal, esp. that of an otter

Word 2084: Palter

verb [ intrans.] archaic
1. equivocate or prevaricate in action or speech
2. ( palter with) trifle with

Word 2083: Trachoma

a contagious bacterial infection of the eye in which there is inflamed granulation on the inner surface of the lids

Word 2082: Nosode

(in homeopathy) a preparation of substances secreted in the course of a disease, used in the treatment of that disease

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Word 2081: Labrum

noun ( pl. labra) Zoology
a structure corresponding to a lip, esp. the upper border of the mouthparts of a crustacean or insect

Word 2080: In loco parentis

adverb & adjective
(of a teacher or other adult responsible for children) in the place of a parent

Word 2079: Socko

adjective informal
stunningly effective or successful

Word 2078: Obstruent

1. Phonetics a fricative or plosive speech sound
2. Medicine a medicine or substance that closes the natural passages or pores of the body

Word 2077: Pedipalp

noun Zoology
each of the second pair of appendages attached to the cephalothorax of most arachnids. They are variously specialized as pincers in scorpions, sensory organs in spiders, and locomotory organs in horseshoe crabs

Word 2076: Septicemia

blood poisoning, esp. that caused by bacteria or their toxins

Word 2075: Metonym

a word, name, or expression used as a substitute for something else with which it is closely associated. For example, Washington is a metonym for the federal government of the U.S.

Word 2074: Tabun

an organophosphorus nerve gas, developed in Germany during World War II

Word 2073: Requinto

noun ( pl. -tos)
(in Spanish-speaking regions) a small guitar, typically tuned a fifth higher than a standard guitar

Word 2072: Whump

noun [ usu. in sing.]
a dull thudding sound

Word 2071: Supra

adverb formal
used in academic or legal texts to refer to someone or something mentioned above or earlier

Word 2070: Berceuse

noun ( pl. -ceuses pronunc. same)
a lullaby
• a piece of instrumental music in the style of a lullaby

Word 2069: Samovar

a highly decorated tea urn used in Russia

Word 2068: Colluvium

noun Geology
material that accumulates at the foot of a steep slope

Word 2067: Tanbark

bark of oak or other trees, bruised and used as a source of tannin for converting hides into leather

Word 2066: Amicus curiae

noun ( pl. amici curiae)
an impartial adviser, often voluntary, to a court of law in a particular case

Word 2065: Pelerine

a woman's cape of lace or silk with pointed ends at the center front, popular in the 19th century.

Word 2064: Excursus

noun ( pl. same or -suses)
a detailed discussion of a particular point in a book, usually in an appendix
• a digression in a written text

Word 2063: Terrene

adjective archaic
of or like earth; earthy
• occurring on or inhabiting dry land
• of the world; secular rather than spiritual

Word 2062: Portamento

noun ( pl. -tos or -ti) Music
1. a slide from one note to another, esp. in singing or playing a bowed string instrument
• this as a technique or style
2. piano playing in a manner intermediate between legato and staccato